Skin Testing Policy - Prestige Beauty & Hair

Skin Testing Policy

At Prestige Beauty & Hair, the safety of our clients is always a priority. Clients having any hair or beauty treatments with us which involve colour, tint or specific products regarding a particular service must be tested with the products that we use during the service, this being in line with our salon insurance cover. 

Skin Tests are required for:

BEAUTY – for brow/lash tint, brow lamination, lash lift (LVL), semi-permanent lashes, IPL

HAIR – for any colour service including foils

Clients who must be skin tested are:

  • Every new client to Prestige and our products
  • Existing clients for beauty every 12 months and every 6 months for hair clients
  • A skin test may also be necessary following health and safety questions during a consultation


We consider anyone under the age of 16 to be a minor. We will not carry out any treatments on beauty or hair without the prior consent of the parent and there must be parental guidance at the appointment. Please also note that there are certain treatments that are not available to the under 16s. Please call the salon for more information.


If you book a treatment online which involves a skin test, a message will flag up to ask you to come in at least 48 hours ahead of your treatment. We will be unable to carry out that treatment without a skin test having been actioned and recorded. We do our best to contact clients as a reminder but this ultimately remains your responsibility.

If you book a treatment over the phone and you need a skin test, we will ask you at point of booking to come in. It is your responsibility to do this at least 48 hours ahead of the treatment.

If you book a treatment in the salon more that 2 days ahead which requires you to have a skin test, we will do it there and then and record this on your client profile.

Any clients arriving for their treatment without having had the necessary requested skin test will lose their booking fee as this space has been specifically reserved for you at time of booking and will result in lost revenue.

We thank you for your co-operation in our procedures and policies at Prestige Beauty & Hair.