Environ Starter Kit


Want to give Environ a try?

Our Starter Kit has all the key products to get you on the journey to fabulous skin on the Environ Step-Up System, enabling you to experience first hand the difference it will make to your skin.



  • Full size AVST Moisturiser: packed with Vitamin A, antioxidants and peptides. The concentration of Vitamin A & C increase in the step-up-system so AVST 1 is where you start.
  • Full size Pre-Cleansing Oil: Helps to effectively remove excess surface oil, sunscreen and all types of make-up from your skins surface while maintaining the natural moisture balance.
  • Full Size Youth Essentia Eye Gel: This quick absorbing, firming eye gel contains essential vitamins, antioxidants and peptides that assist in hydrating the skin, plus improving the appearance of the skin tone and elasticity.
  • FREE Discovery Size Body Essentia Oil: A light weight, replenishing oil containing essential Vitamins A, C and E to assist in improving the appearance of dry and sun damaged skin as well as locking in moisture to leave the skin soft to the touch.
  • FREE Discovery Size Body Essentia Derma-Lac Lotion: An Intensive, moisturising lotion scientifically proven to help soften and smooth the appearance of rough or dry skin.



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