Youth EssentiA® Vita-Peptide C-Quence Serum 1


Suitable for all skin types, in particular mature or photo-damaged skins. Helps to improve lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and scarring.


This premium technologically advanced serum contains a powerful combination of ingredients for those clients who want to see tangible results in a short space of time.

The formulation contains Vitamin A and is packed with powerful anti-ageing ingredients, peptides and penetrant enhancers to assist in creating a smoother, younger and healthier looking skin.

Serum 1 is suitable to order on line for first time Environ users. Serums 2 to 4+ are available for established Environ and Vitamin A clients but due to the levels of Vitamin A increasing in each level, please give us a call or email us with your current level so we can suggest the correct serum for you.


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